Sun Catcher Made From Repurposed Pine Tree

Sun Catcher Made From Repurposed Pine Tree

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This product includes one (1) unique hand-made wooden sun catcher made from a repurposed pine tree. The size of this piece is ****** This piece was made to stand alone and does not have a hanging bracket anywhere on it. The front and back are pictured.

This sun catcher is one-of-a-kind and produces fractals and rainbows when hit with direct sunlight. The tree itself fell on my grandparent's property and, upon further inspection, appeared to be eaten hollow. After realizing the odd pattern throughout the middle of the tree, we decided to slice the tree into discs for these sun catchers. This piece is a reminder that no matter how dark or treacherous life may get, it can always be turned into something beautiful. 

Please note that the color may vary slightly due to small-batch painting and lighting differences. 

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About Swamp Sprouts:

Inspired by the creatures of the Louisiana swamp, Swamp Sprouts is an art project that draws from mystical psychedelia and functions with sustainability at the forefront. Swamp Sprouts aims to function as fungi do, evolving death into new life and building networks of connection between the like-minded. 

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