What is Swamp Sprouts?

Swamp Sprouts is a raw and earthy reflection of my need to nurture the creative spirit and advocate for mental health. Louisiana's enchanting swamp creatures are just one of the many inspirations for my hand-painted artwork and illustrations. Every painting and illustration is made to promote positive transformation within, building a world where self-love and unity rule.

The Farmer's Market Painting Collection

The Farmers Market Painting Collection comprises hand-painted artwork inspired by farmers market fruits and veggies. So far, I have painted a bunch of carrots, a beet, an avocado, a bunch of asparagus, a strawberry, and a blackberry. Each 10 to 15-inch wood slice hosts one painting coated in a thick layer of shiny resin. 

Carrots inspired the first piece of the collection, and ironically, the whole conception of this collection is like a carrot. I thought I was getting one thing from above the soil, but when I dug deeper, it revealed a sustaining and fruitful surprise. I had no idea the littlest decision to buy carrots at the farmers market would produce such a fulfilling collection. From the tiniest seed sprouted the Farmer’s Market Painting Collection.

  • "You and your art inspired me, and I am always so excited to see what you come up with next! It's such a vibe and I love it! So keep on keepin' on."

  • "I see so much love and loss and a f*cking journey that touches my heart in your artwork. It is raw and beautiful. I can't tell you how much self love and confidence I have gotten for myself and my own art through seeing you in your own artistic journey."

  • "Thank you for your beautiful art and your patience! I got my friends some of your work too and can't wait to keep adding to my collection. Keep it up I appreciate you and I love what you do!"

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