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About Swamp Sprouts

Swamp Sprouts is a raw and earthy reflection of my need to nurture the creative spirit and advocate for mental health. Louisiana's enchanting swamp creatures are just one of the many inspirations for my hand-painted artwork and illustrations. Every painting and illustration is made to promote positive transformation within, building a world where self-love and unity rule.

While my specialty is original acrylic paintings on wood slices, digital illustration has helped me reach new audiences and offer affordable versions of my art to the community in the form of prints and stickers. I also enjoy working on commissions for local businesses, whether that's through painted murals or custom digital illustrations.

I am currently based in Slidell, Louisiana, and my artwork can be found in-store at Green Oaks Apothecary, Roots: Plants + Coffee, and Vintage Finds. Swamp Sprouts can also be found throughout New Orleans, Louisiana.

Every second, dollar, and awe-struck moment spent on this website helps fuel the creative work I share. I'll never beg you to buy something, but I will always advocate for supporting artists however you can — your support is an energy exchange I value more than words can say.