Swamp Sprouts: A Story of Rebirth

Swamp Sprouts: A Story of Rebirth

I like to believe that I have made art, Swamp Sprouts, part of my everyday life to reconnect with my inner child. At my conception, the creative spirit declared I was placed on this earth to create. As a young child, I used my creativity to formulate potions from wildflowers and twigs. By 13, I was painting canvases alone in my bedroom – venturing downstairs only to show my finished creations to my father. 

As I grew older, my priorities shifted to fit those of society – do something that makes the most money. Although my parents always told me to do what I love, this daunting demon of the financial realm would not get off my back. To this day, I still fight it. 

Despite my urge to major in the arts, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication. My ill-fated dream was to work as a marketer in the live music industry. The universe played along with me for a few years, but as we know and often fail to believe, shoving down creativity simply does not work.

While working for a production company in New Orleans, I realized the music industry was a new demon I had to fight off. Luckily for me, the pandemic did most of the work. My world was turned upside down, my dreams crushed, and I was forced to sit with myself, my inner child.

The free time I never had soon turned into the creative time I always needed. When my paintbrush made its way onto a piece of sliced wood back in April 2020, I had no idea I was starting a personal movement. Unleashing various vibrant bug-eyed mushrooms upon the world is how I coped with the uncertainty we all felt at the time.  

I made so many mushroom paintings that my friends and family started asking to buy them. Soon after, I opened an Etsy shop and started posting on the internet.

Out of the most traumatic time in my adult life, sprouted the most magical creation. Now, everything I make as swamp sprouts is an intentional reminder, for myself and the whole world, that humans are part of nature and that we must appreciate it and ourselves to make this earthly experience better.

The end goal is to figure out how to make Swamp Sprouts a full-time career, and a support system for me and other artists – the most conflicting, challenging, and passionate puzzle of my life thus far. After many ups and downs, I've accepted that this will come in perfect timing.

For now, Swamp Sprouts is a magical little safe space for my inner child to play with my wildest dreams, tap into divine creativity, and channel messages from the ethereal for all of you. One day something bigger will come from this, but for now I sell my lil paintings, prints, and stickers on the internet and at local art markets to fund the dream.

Please know that when you support Swamp Sprouts and any other artists, you're not just supporting our dreams; you're actually making the world a better place to exist in, too.

Swamp Sprouts rebirthed my will to paint and rebuilt my trust in my intuition — it rebirthed me. 

This is where Swamp Sprouts' story begins.

Envision strolling into the world of Swamp Sprouts—an art project ignited by the allure of Louisiana's mystical swamp inhabitants and fueled by an unwavering commitment to wellbeing. At its spirit is Tristen Rolling, an artist and daydreamer who set out to amplify nature's voice while championing self-growth through her odd creations. With a masterful blend of acrylic painting, woodworking, and digital artistry, Tristen pays homage to the essence of the habitat that inspires her. Louisiana's enchanting swamp creatures are just one of the many inspirations. 

Swamp Sprouts is a raw and earthy reflection of artist Tristen's need to nurture the creative spirit and advocate for mental health. Its a haven for those who are passionate about our planet. It's also a resource for uplifting reassurance. Every piece of art and content is made to promote positive transformation within. This community is a celebration of environmental consciousness.

Born out of quarantine, the vibrant online community that supports the project thrives in partnership with like-minded small businesses, creating a symphony of mutual growth. As Tristen's art finds its home in local stores, it comes to life. It introduces patrons to the captivating ethos of Swamp Sprouts – to work toward a shared mission of positive transformation on earth and within the spirit of all who inhabit it.

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