The Farmer's Market Painting Collection: Bunch of Carrots

The Farmer's Market Painting Collection: Bunch of Carrots

The Farmer's Market Collection: Bunch of Carrots

My obsession with carrots started in February of 2022. Of course, I liked carrots for a while before, but something clicked when I discovered that these root vegetables nurture my body and creative soul. 

While strolling through my farmers market, I looked for carrots to make soup with. To my surprise, they only had a raw bunch of carrots, stems and all. At first, I thought this was awful because I had no idea what to do with the stems. It turns out that fate had more plans for these carrots than just soup. After fighting with my confusion, I decided to buy the bunch because I’d figure it out. 

When I got home, I cleaned and prepped the bunch for my soup. While cooking, my body and mind entirely at ease, the creative spirit visited me. Although, at the time, I thought the idea was comical, I could not resist the urge to paint this bunch of carrots. The brush strokes began manifesting in my mind before I could grab a paintbrush. 

These carrots kickstarted my whole Farmers Market painting collection, and I can't help but make the association that the whole conception of this collection is just like a carrot. I thought I was getting one thing from above the soil, but I revealed a sustaining and fruitful surprise when I dug deeper. I had no idea the littlest decision would produce such a fulfilling collection. From the tiniest seed sprouted the Farmer’s Market Collection. 

By the way, I never figured out what to do with the stems because I don’t own a juicer, but I will one day. 

The Evolution of the Bunch of Carrots

Throughout the years, I’ve made many different versions of this carrot. They’ve appeared on stickers, bookmarks, and teeny tiny slices of Cypress wood. No matter how I brought them to life, they sparked more admiration in myself and those who continuously support Swamp Sprouts. Every single carrot art drop sold out.

Why Did I Hoard the Original Carrots? 

I painted the original bunch of carrots in 2022, almost two years ago. Once the painting was finished, I became a bit attached to it – daydreaming about the amazing kitchen decor they’d make one day when I owned my dream home. 

Eventually, I let go of hiding them in my home. I began to develop the idea that these funky, beady-eyed carrots would become part of an extensive collection in a gallery somewhere. After some thought, though – almost a year of it – I realized they don’t belong to me, and they definitely don’t belong in some fancy gallery.  

These carrots belong to those who watched me make them and bought endless stickers and mini renditions. After almost two years, they are now for sale in my shop. If the page doesn’t exist, then they’re finally at peace in their forever home with one of you. Thank you.

About Swamp Sprouts

Swamp Sprouts is a raw and earthy reflection of my need to nurture the creative spirit and advocate for mental health. Louisiana's enchanting swamp creatures are just one of the many inspirations for my hand-painted artwork and illustrations. Every painting and illustration is made to promote positive transformation within, building a world where self-love and unity rule.

While my specialty is original acrylic paintings on wood slices, digital illustration has helped me reach new audiences and offer affordable versions of my art to the community in the form of prints and stickers. I also enjoy working on commissions for local businesses, whether that's through painted murals or custom digital illustrations.

Every second, dollar, and awe-struck moment spent on this website helps fuel the creative work I share. I'll never beg you to buy something, but I will always advocate for supporting artists however you can — your support is an energy exchange I value more than words can say.

I am currently based in Slidell, Louisiana, and my artwork can be found in-store at Green Oaks Apothecary, Roots: Plants + Coffee, and Vintage Finds. Swamp Sprouts can also be found in several locations in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For those who are not local to Louisiana, I have an online store where I sell stickers, prints, and original paintings.

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