The Farmer's Market Collection: Blackberry

The Farmer's Market Collection: Blackberry

The in-season fruit calendar rules my world, whether it's blackberries, cherries, strawberries, or peaches.

I found myself giddy at the local farmers market when I spotted baskets of freshly picked blackberries, the first of the season. These aren’t just any blackberries, though. These blackberries from this farm specifically have sweetened even the most melancholy moments of my life. I swear, there’s nothing more healing than the tart saccharine juice that dyes my mouth a deep, purply red. 

My fierce love for blackberries lends itself to joy in other parts of my life. Living in Louisiana in the summer is no joke. I can’t imagine a steamy 100-degree day without a snowball. What does this have to do with blackberries? The best snowball flavor to exist is the blackberry flavor. An indication that summer is at its peak, alongside my gratitude for the fruit.

There is a theme here with the Farmers Market Collection. I itch to bring a new piece to life as soon as one of my fruit or vegetable obsessions rises to the surface. 

After downing a basket of blackberries in the summer sun, I knew what to do next. I grabbed my paintbrush and began working on my Blackberry. When I finally looked up from my wooden canvas, I was in awe of another stunning creation.

A poem came to mind while driving home from work the next day. My guides paint through me, but when I’m lucky enough, they speak. Here’s what we came up with:

Life is sweet, isn't it? 

When the sun is high, and the blackberries are ripe, it's like

They are dying to please you

their sweetness a proclamation of their sacrifice

I find myself in the same jam oftentimes

giving so much just to please 

ripe with eagerness and submission 

Blackberries and I know too well 

Only the ones who savor each bite 

deserve such sweetness

In February 2022, I discovered that fresh food nurtures my body and creative soul — specifically, fresh fruits and veggies from the local farmer’s market. This realization fuels my Farmers Market Collection. To read more, click here

About Swamp Sprouts

Envision strolling into the world of Swamp Sprouts—an art project ignited by the allure of Louisiana's mystical swamp inhabitants and fueled by an unwavering commitment to sustainability. At its spirit is Tristen Rolling, an artist and daydreamer who set out to amplify nature's voice while championing environmental causes through her odd creations. With a masterful blend of acrylic painting, woodworking, and digital artistry, Tristen pays homage to the essence of the habitat that inspires her.

Swamp Sprouts isn't just a creative venture; it's a haven for those who share an innate passion for our planet. Born out of quarantine, the vibrant online community that supports the project thrives in partnership with like-minded small businesses, creating a symphony of mutual growth. As Tristen's art finds its home in local stores, it comes to life. It introduces patrons to the captivating ethos of Swamp Sprouts – to work toward a shared mission of positive transformation on earth and within the spirit of all who inhabit it.

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