The Farmer's Market Art Collection

The Farmer's Market Art Collection

How It All Began 

In February 2022, I discovered that fresh food nurtures my body and creative soul — specifically, fresh fruits and veggies from the local farmer’s market. 

While strolling through my preferred booth, I looked for carrots to make soup with. To my surprise, they only had a raw bunch of carrots, stems, and all. At first, I thought this was awful because I had no idea what to do with the stems. It turns out that fate had more plans for these carrots than just soup. After fighting with my confusion, I decided to buy the bunch because, well, I’d figure it out. 

I got home and spent some time cleaning and prepping with the bunch for my soup. While cooking, my body and mind entirely at ease, the creative spirit visited me. Although, at the time, I thought the idea was comical, I could not fight the urge to paint this bunch of carrots. The brush strokes began manifesting in my mind before I could grab a paintbrush. 

The whole conception of this collection is like a carrot. You think you’re getting one thing from above the soil, but when you dig deeper, you reveal a sustaining and fruitful surprise. I had no idea the littlest decision would produce such a fulfilling collection. From the tiniest seed sprouted the Farmer’s Market Collection. 

I never figured out what to do with the stems, by the way, because I don’t own a juicer, but I will figure it out one day. 

What’s In The Collection

My Farmer’s Market Art Collection comprises hand-painted artwork inspired by farmer’s market fruits and veggies. So far, I have painted a bunch of carrots, a beet, an avocado, a bunch of asparagus, a strawberry, and a blackberry. Each 10 to 15-inch wood slice hosts one painting coated in a thick layer of shiny resin. 

A Word About The Creative Spirit

My most imaginative ideas come when I’m forced to be still or lost in a mindless task like cooking, cleaning, or painting. I believe it’s because my body and mind are fully relaxed, unable to speak over or distract from my internal creative dialogue. Coincidentally, the idea to write a blog post about this collection and each piece within it came to me while driving home from work.

About Swamp Sprouts

Envision strolling into the world of Swamp Sprouts—an art project ignited by the allure of Louisiana's mystical swamp inhabitants and fueled by an unwavering commitment to sustainability. At its spirit is Tristen Rolling, an artist and daydreamer who set out to amplify nature's voice while championing environmental causes through her odd creations. With a masterful blend of acrylic painting, woodworking, and digital artistry, Tristen pays homage to the essence of the habitat that inspires her.

Swamp Sprouts isn't just a creative venture; it's a haven for those who share an innate passion for our planet. Born out of quarantine, the vibrant online community that supports the project thrives in partnership with like-minded small businesses, creating a symphony of mutual growth. As Tristen's art finds its home in local stores, it comes to life. It introduces patrons to the captivating ethos of Swamp Sprouts – to work toward a shared mission of positive transformation on earth and within the spirit of all who inhabit it.

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