Six Ways to Include Your Inner Child in Your Creative Process

Six Ways to Include Your Inner Child in Your Creative Process

Creativity is often the mysterious yet wonderful process of connecting with and communicating for the divine. Painting a canvas with vivid colors, producing an album that stirs the soul, or crafting a story that transports readers to another dimension allows us to tap into the life force of creativity. 

All too often, we allow the pressures of society to stifle our creative spirits. We forget the boundless imagination and curiosity of our inner child. Thankfully, all is not lost; like all relationships, rekindling one with your inner child is entirely possible.


Embrace Playfulness


Your inner child isn’t afraid to make mistakes, take risks, or try new things – adulthood planted those seeds. Set aside time for unstructured play, engage in activities like doodling, enjoy nature, or attempt a new hobby without any specific goal in mind. You must let your imagination run wild without judgment to tap into childlike wonder.


Rediscover Wonder


Children are endlessly curious and find wonder in the simplest things — a blooming flower, a starry night, or a fluttering butterfly. Move through the world as if everything deserves admiration. Paying attention to small, familiar details you may have overlooked before will invite awe and gratitude into your creative work.


Keep a Creative Journal


Dedicate a journal to your creative practice and enforce the notion that it is a safe space for your inner child to inspire. As you fill its pages with sketches, thoughts, and wild ideas, you'll witness the evolution of your creative journey, gaining deeper insight into your artistic process. Over time, you may find that your journal becomes a valuable muse for project ideation. 


Collaborate with Others


Creative play is such an integral part of childhood. Still, collaboration holds much more responsibility and rigidity as we get older. Find ways to foster relaxed, collaborative relationships. This doesn’t have to be one-on-one. Join a creative group, participate in workshops, or collaborate with friends who share the same interests. Building creative spaces with others welcomes wells of creative energy you can’t tap into alone. 

Embrace Spontaneity

As we grow older, we put more value on stability and order than spontaneity, hindering creative intuition in the process. When you’re not planning every move, you make room for impromptu projects and messages from the child within. Following the flow and letting intuition guide your practice is in synchronicity with your inner child's deepest wishes.

Embrace Your Truest Self

Remember that creativity knows no age, and by nurturing your inner child's imaginative spirit, you'll find new depths of inspiration and innovation within yourself and in your creations. So, go ahead, unleash your inner child, and watch your creative spirit sprout like never before.

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